Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Author Post: K. Vale on Hard Act to Follow

Hard Act to Follow Playlist: Imogen Heap’s Goodnight and Go

Guest post by Kimber Vale

Hi, all! Kimber Vale here sharing another track from my Hard Act to Follow playlist. Today I’m enthusing about Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap. Okay, so it’s kind of a stalkerish song, but it’s lovely anyway. Granted, I pretty much think Imogen Heap farts gold nuggets, but this tune is so sweet (in a slightly creepy way), I had to include it. It’s essentially about a girl being secretly enamored of a friend and she’s dreaming about what could happen if it wasn’t always just a say goodnight and go scenario. It’s darling. Give it a listen. And it fits well with Greg’s side of things in Hard Act to Follow. Admittedly, it could work for Kyrie’s as well, but we get more of Greg’s point of view toward the beginning of the book. Greg seriously pines for Kyrie—no matter how much he tries to deny it, no matter how much he works to keep his distance, no matter how wrong he thinks it is. Somewhere, in the back of his head, he’s always imagining a game night ending in something other than a goodnight and go. Eventually, he gets his deepest, darkest wish.

Of course, the small shot of Kyrie does nothing to quench Greg’s thirst. Quite the opposite, as you might expect. ;-)

YouTube link to Say Goodnight and Go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqjWodek8ZM

Greg heaved two bags of potting soil—one over each shoulder—up four flights of stairs. This was his second load, but after hauling the three enormous glazed pots upstairs, this wasn’t so bad. Good mini-workout, anyway. And he desperately needed to sweat out some stress—the silence from Kyrie seemed to echo until Greg convinced himself he heard his phone ring multiple times a day. It was all in his head.
Maybe I should call him.
And say what? Kyrie obviously regretted what happened. Unless he truly didn’t remember, in which case Greg could never point-blank admit it to him. God, what a fucking mess! Maybe this way was for the best. If only Greg could erase the other night from his own memory, he could move on.
He’d tried. He left the TV or music on whenever he was home. He’d gone to work early and left late every day this past week, keeping as busy as humanly possible. It didn’t matter. Kyrie snuck into his dreams. He was there when Greg soaped his body in the shower, though Greg kept the temperature tepid to make sure he got in and got out. Never got off.
If he ever thought acting on his urges would ease the tension he felt with Kyrie, he was preposterously wrong. Knowing what it was like to be naked and uninhibited with his best friend was far worse. Now he knew what he’d miss. God, if he had to watch Kyr date other guys he’d lose his fucking mind.
Greg opened the sliding glass door again to retrieve his MP3 player and portable speaker from the living room. Drown out the thoughts in my head.

Kyrie is an actor with a physical aversion to telling lies, a one-eyed cat, and horrible taste in men. His ex-brother-in-law and best friend, Greg, harbors a secret crush he can’t shake. After denying his feelings for Kyrie for too long, Greg finally gives in to desire one drunken night. Come the morning, the facts get twisted. Kyrie pretends he doesn’t remember a thing—a lie that eats him alive—and Greg can’t stop thinking about how he screwed up the best thing in his life.
Before they can clear the air, Kyrie follows his dreams to New York City, but could he also be running away?
A mistake from Kyrie’s past detonates their silence, and Greg is forced to confront the man he loves. Is their new truth strong enough to support a relationship, or are they doomed to crumble under old fears? Their friendship could evolve into something a million times stronger, but maybe Kyrie’s act is just too hard for Greg to follow.

K. Vale writes erotic romance of all stripes, from hot hetero to mouthwatering manlove. Find her MF work published under Kimber Vale. Come for the sex. Stay for the story. Stalk Kimber on Facebook and Twitter @KimberVale, and check her site for updates, new releases, and freebies at http://www.authorkimbervale.com

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