Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review by Niki: Breaking Free by Cat Grant

Title: Breaking Free
Author: Cat Grant
Publisher: Cat Grant Books
Rating: 5/5 Hearts and 5/5 Kinky, Hard-won Smooches


Richard Carr has the kind of life most people would envy. Partner in a major Los Angeles law firm, married to the man of his dreams, Richard seems to have it made – except for the lie he’s been living for the past forty-odd years.

On special nights, in the company of kinky friends, Richard disappears inside Renee, his sexy, dominatrix alter-ego. Strong, sassy and flirtatious in her red and black corset, Renee is who Richard truly is on the inside – and who he longs to be outside of the dungeon.

But starting his – her – transition doesn’t provide the relief Renee had hoped for. Her business partners demand that she go back to dressing as a man at the office, while Robert, her husband and fellow Dominant, can’t conceal his shock as the man he married disappears a little bit more every day.

Their one true point of connection remains in the dungeon – in the person of Jase Hewitt, the submissive they both share. But when a devastating tragedy shatters Jase and sends him running to his Masters for comfort, it quickly becomes apparent that Robert’s love for Jase extends far beyond their Dom/sub roles…

And Renee faces a choice – abandon her journey toward becoming the person she truly is inside, or risk losing the man she loves.

Nicki-O’s Down-low on Breaking Free by Cat Grant
Rating: 5/5 Hearts and 5/5 Kinky, Hard-won Smooches

There can be no doubt that Cat Grant fights the good fight with words, a whip in one hand, velvet glove on the other, and a thoroughly satisfied muse chained to her kinky cross of love. What you may not be aware of, however, is her unabashed bravery in pursuing romance and character growth across the vast reaches of balls to the wall research. Cat also quite clearly spends a good deal of time in the sweat shops of word crafting. All of these things come together in a terrifyingly brilliant novel called Breaking Free.

Terrifying? Yes. Because there is so much perfection here you’ll be holding your breath, wondering if your heart can take the next turn of the page. Wondering if Renee will win, be allowed to breathe and live free, or if she’ll be forced back into the choking confines of Richard’s finely tailored suits. Ms. Grant weaves a story that will keep you poised on the very edge of your seat from start to finish, at least if you’re anything like me. She does not attempt to write the story of every transwoman, nor does she give vague generalizations. She tells one transwoman’s story, guides you through the enormous gamble that Renee takes with her life and her love…and allows you to watch each of the characters muddle through, make beautiful, humanly flawed choices, and then scramble to correct their mistakes or learn to live with them.

I loved this book, and I’m betting that you will as well. Go on. Get you some.  

I promise, Ms. Grant will take you on one hell of a ride through the pages of this book.

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