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Character Interview: Jodi Interviews Tom and Prophet from SE Jakes Hell or High Water Series

The Smoocher’s Voice is honored that Tom Boudreaux and Prophet stopped by to visit us this week. The two men are featured in SE Jakes’ steamy novelette Not Fade Away, which is part of her Hell or High Water Series.

Jodi:     Welcome to the blog gentleman! I know you are in a hurry, so let’s jump right into the questions. Prophet, why did playing Truth or Dare with Tommy seem like a good idea in the first place?

Prophet:      When you’re drinking Jack Daniels Green label, pretty much everything seems like a good idea. Like hey, let’s climb up to the roof naked and then we can…oh, hey, didn’t see all of you out there.  Never mind.  (clinks glass to yours)

Jodi:     Tom, why did you want to know about the details of the favors Prophet does for Mal?

Tom:     (side-eyes)  Like you didn’t want to know from the first time you heard about the favors?  Let’s not act like this was only my curiosity.  (mutters some shit in Cajun French)

Jodi:            Fair enough. So what are your thoughts about Mal and Cillian being together?

Prophet:       Not fucking talking about it.

Tom:           Christ, I try not to think about it.  WTF, Mal?  I mean, come on.

Prophet:       It actually makes sense, T.

Tom:            Right.  Now you’re the voice of reason.

Prophet:       I’ve never not been.

Tom:            Have another shot, okay?

Prophet:      Why?  Is the couch back?

Tommy:      (growls)

Jodi:            Do you trust Cillian?

Prophet:       See above.

Tom:     I have a special stake I plan to run through Cillian’s heart.  The couch was practice. 

Jodi:            Prophet, when did the favors for Mal begin?

Prophet:       When we were still in the SEALs. 

Jodi:            Okay, Prophet, I have to ask. What is the deal with the couch?

Prophet:      There’s no “deal” – it’s a great couch.  Or it was, until the fire…(glares at Tom

Tom:           Keep pushing it, Proph.  Keep.  Pushing.

Jodi:     Hmmm … Tom, when you and Prophet are together things tend to heat up quickly. What is it about Prophet that makes things so intense?

Tom:            You have met him, right?  It’s the asshole factor.

Prophet:      (Smiles proudly and nods)  It definitely makes me hotter

Jodi:            Prophet, same question

Prophet:      It’s all about me.  We just talked about that. 

Tom:            (stares at Prophet)  Somehow, that’s endearing

Jodi:            So, what is next for you two and the team?

Prophet:      (looks over shoulder then turns his attention back and says loudly) You know, just some quiet time hanging out at home.  Nothing special at all.

Tom:            (rolls eyes and says sarcastically)  Right. No plans.

Prophet:      (Loudly)  No plans at all.  Not here.  No sir.

Tom:            (stares at Prophet and shakes his head slowly

Truth or dare.

Ever since superspy Cillian moved into Prophet’s building, their game of Steal the Couch has been funny to Prophet, but a thorn in Tom’s side. Then Prophet gets bored one night during an ice storm and insists on playing another simple game with Tom: Truth or Dare. In exchange for one of Prophet’s truths, Tom steals the couch one last time.
But Prophet’s truths are never easy—Tom should know that by now—and this one raises questions neither of them quite know how to answer. In response, Tom finds himself laying claim to Prophet in the most basic way he knows how. And also finds that he doesn’t mind it in the least when Prophet returns the favor.
This novelette is set between book 3 and book 4 in the Hell or High Water series.

The previous books in the Hell or High Water series are:


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SE Jakes writes m/m romance. She believes in happy endings and fighting for what you want in both fiction and real life. She lives in New York with her family, and most days, she can be found happily writing (in bed). No really...
SE Jakes is the alter ego of New York Times bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author Stephanie Tyler.
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  1. I was shaking my head all the way through this interview. Just love these two, what's not to love about 'em, right? Poor, poor Cillian :)

    Thanks for the fun!


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