Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Guest Post: RainbowCon 2015 - We're Gonna Have a Ball!

And yes, I do mean this literally. At RainbowCon 2015, which takes place July 16th through 19th next year in Tampa, Florida, we're holding a Masquerade at our host hotel (the lovely Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore, right near the airport). Haven't heard of RainbowCon? Well! Check out the website at www.rainbowconference.org.

The four-day conference is only $75 for general registration. The tentative schedule is also already in place, including the panels you can expect, so even though it's a year in advance, you can get an idea of what you'll actually get to enjoy if you attend!  

  But back to the fun stuff. ;) Since our theme for the event is Walk on the Wild Side, we have a few fun activities planned throughout the day leading up to the evening ball, too. Our official charity is the Tampa Bay Big Cat Rescue, where large cats are given a refuge from abuse, neglect, or abandonment. In honor of their efforts, we're not only holding a charity auction throughout the con, but we have a whole section of programming that will focus on feline shifters and the like in various media from fiction to fandom to movies and television.  

In addition to the panels, we'll have a mask-making hour for those who want to come to the Masquerade. Attendees need to RSVP both for the Masquerade (there's a small up-charge to cover the catering) and for the mask-making, but we'll make sure there are plenty of supplies so as many people as possible can create a mask at the con itself rather than carting one of their own down to Florida. ...or wearing one on the plane; we don't judge.  

BONUS! We'll also have a wonderful face-painter available the day of the Masquerade. Childlike Productions was involved with RainbowCon 2014, and we're thrilled to have her back for more amazing designs! Here are some hints of the painter's talent:  
(Click to enlarge. Tips are highly encouraged. These really are works of art!)
No need to make a grand entrance like Jerry Lewis did in Cinderfella, and we can't guarantee you'll find your one true love on the dance floor, but we're sure everyone will have a great time.   So, whether you want to do yourself up like one of the dancing goblins in The Labyrinth's ball (please, someone do it!), or just come along for some informal mingling with music and masks and fellow supporters of the LGBTQ community, this is one part of RainbowCon 2015 that should not be missed.

  For more information on RainbowCon, our schedule, and our featured guests and authors, head on over to the official website at www.rainbowconference.org! Registration is now OPEN!  

I leave you now with a final bit of inspiration, because who doesn't love masquerade ball scenes? ;D


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