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Guest Post: Author Cardeno C on the Songs that Inspire

We'd like to welcome to the Blog Cardeno C,

who just released the 3rd book in the Mates 

Series, In Your Eyes from Dreamspinner 


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Mates Series Inspiration Songs by Cardeno C.

Most of my book titles are inspired by songs I listened to while writing the book to put myself in the right mood and mindset. With the newest standalone novel in my Mates having been recently released, I thought it’d be fun to go over the songs that inspired my books in the series.

In Your Eyes – Inspiration Song: Animal by Miike Snow

It's hard to come up with a better song to inspire a book about wolf shifters than one called Animal, especially when one of those shifters - Samuel - struggles not to stay in his animal form and leave the human world behind. Samuel was always a good man who wanted to do right by his pack, but in many ways, he lived in a world dark from a lack of emotions and empathy, which was a danger to him and those he was meant to lead.

From the first moment Samuel saw Korban, he knew there was something in the other shifter's eyes, but it took him many years to identify what it was. In the end, Korban can fill the hole that has always lived in Samuel. Korban's strength, while different from Samuel's, compliments the Alpha well and allows him to be the strong leader he always longed to be.
The last thing I loved about this song for this book is the happy vibe in it. In Your Eyes has some sad scenes and battles, both internal and external, that the characters have to fight. It felt good to hear a peppy song as I wrote it.

Until Forever Comes is a novel about Ethan a young, ill shifter who realizes his mate is an ancient, dangerous vampire and Miguel, an intelligent, blood-thirsty vampire who realizes his salvation comes in the form of a spirited young wolf. Ethan has never been right in the eyes of his pack. He is a shifter who can't shift, something that shouldn't happen.

Being different and physically weak has given him more than his share of sadness and pain, but it also gave him something rare among his people - the ability to look past what's supposed to be and see what is. Ethan has lived his whole life in a way that doesn't make sense by shifter law, so when he learns he is mated to a male and a vampire at that, he manages to look past the complications that block stronger shifters and see the simple truth: Miguel is his mate.
That mating saves both men, bonding their bodies and making each of them stronger. Through their connection and love, they give each other life. A vampire and a wolf mated, it shouldn't have been possible, that day shouldn't have come. But it did and instead of running away from it, they embraced it and got to live a not-quite eternal life where a shifter can finally shift and a vampire can see the sun.

The lyrics of this song speak of someone whose core is numb and spirit is sleeping. They need someone to lead them out of that dark place before they come undone; they need to come home. I don't want to give too much away for anyone who hasn't read Wake Me Up Inside, but it's about shifters and the concept of what true mates need from and mean to each other in that world.

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