Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review by Jamie: Love You Forever by Amelia Bishop

Title: Love You Forever

Author: Amelia Bishop

Publisher:  Self-Pub

Rating: 4.5



They grew up together, and fell in love along the way. But the night Cole & Rick came out to their parents their lives changed in ways they never expected. Before their romance could stand on its own, they were cursed by the gods to remain together, or die.

What happens when kissing your boyfriend becomes a life or death situation? When you have to stay together no matter how your feelings change?

Cole promised he’d love Rick forever. He had no idea how difficult that would prove to be.


It is hard enough for two teenage boys who recently come out to their parents, and picked different colleges to maintain a relationship. Add the meddling of two gods, and a curse that is literally life and death for one of the boys, and life just got a whole lot more complicated. Rick is cursed by a god, for an assumed (on the god’s part) future of cheating and not appreciating the love he has with Cole. As a result, if he does not kiss Cole every night at 10 pm, his heart will stop and he will die.

The curse forces Cole and Rick to adjust their lives in ways that they never imagined they would have to face at such a young age. It also causes them to question the foundation of their relationship, and if they are even supposed to be together. There is nothing predictable in this book about how the curse affects the two men, and the directions their lives take; both together and separately.
The interference of the gods is not a single event and in some ways causes additional heart ache, and challenges to the two men.

This book was great in the way that the author followed the characters as they grew up together, and as individuals. The emotions surrounding the different situations were age appropriate and accurate. I do wish that there would have been a little bit more depth in some areas and expansion on what exactly each character was thinking at specific times, but that is just a personal preference.
This book shows how a curse can strengthen, undermine, destroy, and restructure any and all relationships of those involved.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants an emotional read that is real, relatable and impossible to put down.

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