Monday, June 2, 2014

Review By Cam: That's Who I Am by Jayden Brooks

Author: Jayden Brooks
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press

Rating: 4/5 Smooches


Jared Winters’s life has been little more than a collection of moments where he didn’t think before opening his mouth. Always a bit different, he’s learned to accept an existence on the outside looking in. But one day, his mouth lands him in a position that nearly costs him his life. Only the timely intervention of Sophie, his twin Conner’s ex-girlfriend, saves him.

Siblings Sophie and Donovan Carrigan step in and offer support, comfort, and a place to call home. Under their care, Jared begins to heal and learns to trust just enough to act on his attraction to Donovan. He just hopes it’s worth the risk.


This is definitely on the "books that made me cry" shelf. From the very beginning I felt awful for Jared, and his situation. I hated Jared's family with a passion. 

After landing in the hospital, Jared is taken in by Donovan and Sophie. He is constantly struggling to keep his mouth in check so he doesn't blow the best chance he has at getting well, while at the same time dealing with his growing attraction for Donovan, and trying to be a support system for the pregnant Sophie. 

First of all let me say, this is Jayden's debut story, and I'm so excited about that! I am always almost afraid to review for friends because I WANT so badly to like everything they put out.. as we all know that is not always the case. Luckily that is not an issue in this case. 

I loved this little story. You get such a connection to Jared. You are rooting for him the whole way. I wish some of the other relationship dynamics were explored a bit more. You got to see Jared really come into his own, and the roles that Donovan and Sophie both play in making that happen. To survive something of the magnitude that Jared did and have them come out thriving at the end of the story is amazing. 

I'm so looking forward to seeing the impact that this promising new writer has. I can't wait to read more. 

**Thank You to Jayden Brooks for providing a galley copy in exchange for an honest review

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