Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review by Cam: Ryan by Jeff Erno

Title: Ryan (Spin-off of Puppy Love Series) 
Author: Jeff Erno
Publisher: Jeff Erno

Rating: 4/5


You might remember Ryan Connors, Petey's nemesis in the 

Puppy Love series. Now he's back, and this is his story. At 

Matt and Petey's wedding, Ryan danced with Petey, and it 

appeared Ryan had at last reformed himself. He'd become a 

new person and was beginning a new life with a Master who 

truly loved him. Now, three years later, tragedy strikes, and 

Ryan again finds himself alone. Will he revert to his old ways 

in order to survive. And how will he handle himself under 

the strict control of a new, sadistic and selfish Master? 

Everything you loved in Puppy Love and much more again 

comes to life in the pages of this all-new tale of romance, 

heartache, revenge, and forgiveness. Oh...and hot BDSM sex.


Bad guy makes good? Well this is a BDSM Title, set in the same world as Jeff Erno’s Puppy Love series, and follows the "bad" guy, Ryan, who caused Petey and Matt so much grief.  Jeff had me sobbing a couple of pages in. Traumatic death is awful, and Ryan's situation is not good. 

I completely and totally wanted to hug the crap out of Ryan. I did. I felt awful for him. He has a pretty awesome network of friends (Petey & Matt in particular) to support him, but then in comes his husband's nephew, Leland. I hated him. Hated Him. I wanted to crawl through the pages and beat the ever living crap out of him. He was an arrogant, self-serving asshole.

There is all sorts of drama concerning the will and ownership and who thinks they have ownership. Then there are events from the past that come into play as well. 

Jeff tripped me up for a minute when he introduced another Dom that I thought, maybe Ryan would hook up with and they would fight against the nephew and all would be well. Tricky Tricky writer!

I don’t want to tell too much more, because I don’t want to give away the plot points that made me angry and surprised me, and ultimately (a little bit) redeemed some characters.

It seemed a little fast paced.. the falling in love… BUT love happens quickly for some. I’m more the ‘proceed with caution’ type myself.

All in all I liked this story. I loved Ryan in particular, who had made mistakes in the past, and had been granted a second chance. Maybe that is why he gave Leland the benefit of the doubt. 

I will say as a warning, this title will PISS you off. It contains some non-consent/dubious consent situations. There is definitely triggers. Read through them. It’s worth it. 

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