Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review by Cam: Pretty Please by Tracey Michael (F/F romance)

Title: Pretty Please
Author: Tracey Michael
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing 
Genre: F/F Romance
Rating: 5/5 Smooches


Thea and Gwen have been best friends since they were kids. Thea will do anything for Gwen and she uses it to her advantage whenever necessary. A coerced shopping trip turns into a “date”. A few tears turn into unexpected sex. Friendship turns into love. Wait. When did that happen? And do they want to pursue those new feelings? What happens if an attempt at a relationship ruins everything? Thea isn't sure she wants to risk it, but Gwen is sure she does. When Thea turns her “straight” best friend down, Gwen is crushed. Thea has always known she was a lesbian and she loves Gwen more than anything, but that doesn't mean she wants to be Gwen’s experiment. That will only leave her with a broken heart in the end. Can Gwen change Thea’s mind and prove that her love is true?


Honestly I've been burned by lesbian romance in the past. I've read some awful stuff, full of drama and angst that was just completely unnecessary either that or it's completely sex from start to finish. This wasn't that.

I liked both Gwen and Thea. Their friendship was a tangible part of this story. I'd have liked to see a little more interaction between them and other people, because for the most part they are the only characters in the story. That being said, there is quite a bit of story packed in this short little book. 

I was rooting for their relationship. I felt invested in them getting together. Especially as (and I know it's a popular trope) Thea was totally convinced that Gwen was straight. Gwen just knew she loved her friend, and that the moving to the next level was a natural progression. Thea was afraid of wanting something so badly and the possibility of it failing. 

I love how this story wasn't about the straight girl "turning" gay. This was about loving someone enough that none of it mattered. If you are looking for a fluffy sweet read, this one is definitely for you. I can't wait for more f/f romance from Tracey Michael, because she definitely did this one right. 

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