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Author Post: Regency Romance with Lee Brazil

We welcome Author Lee Brazil to the blog! 

Hey there! Thanks for inviting me over. I'm Lee Brazil, author of mm romances with Breathless Press, Silver Publishing and Evernight Publishing. I usually write contemporary romances, but lately have been bitten by the Regency bug. I think that for all the fun I have exploring a different era, I'm most captivated by the way men remain the same throughout the ages.

Every when that men have lived, sport has prospered and this was no less true in what we often think of as simpler, more elegant times. Imagine a world where men wore silk and velvet, where blowsy shirts and skin tight trousers gave every man a romantic, sensual appeal, where men prided themselves on the fit and style of their clothes, on cutting a dash in society and on the dance floor.

And what did this creature of elegance and style do for entertainment outside the sight of his lady fair?

Why any foolish, bloodthirsty activity that crossed his fancy of course!

The aristocratic gentlemen of the regency make for wonderful, dreamy heroes, but when it came to entertainment, the class lines and elegant manners were dropped and they rubbed elbows with the lower classes with ease and pleasure.

Their tastes in sport weren't much different than those of men today. They enjoyed boxing just as much as the men of modern society. Boxing, fisticuffs, or pugilisms as the sport was known, between two gentlemen was conducted according to quite strict rules.  Professional matches were generally held at inns and were very popular, though aristocrats were most always merely spectators at these events.

 Since they didn't have the technology to indulge via the big screen, when a particularly appealing match was planned, the aristocrats filled the rural inns around the place. Their presence was good for business, as the impression one gets is that such a match generally resulted in partying on the level of what one sees in Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break.

Gathering for a boxing match was also a good excuse to indulge in the other favored vices, drinking, gambling and self-indulgence, but more about those another time!

Fighting between men wasn't the only sport that engaged the nobility and common men alike, either. These fellows would travel just as far to watch a cock fight. Hunting, shooting, fencing, boxing, racing horses or curricles, a gentleman had plenty of opportunity to cut loose and shed some claret.

Boxing skills often came in quite handy outside the sports arena as well, as you'll see in Randall's Romance, when Randall finds himself in a tight spot or two.

Thanks again for letting me ramble, I hope you'll check out my books, or stop by and find me on Facebook.

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