Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: The Lightning Struck Tower (Precog in Peril 3) by Theo Fenraven

Title: The Lightning Struck Tower (Precog in Peril: Book 3)
Author: Theo Fenraven
Publisher: Voodoo Lily Press
Rated: 4.5/5

: Gray Vecello and Cooper Key are back in the last book in the Precog in Peril series. Snatched by PsiOps, a covert arm of the government, they’re offered training in exchange for their psionic help. Will they take the deal, and if they don’t, what will PsiOps do to them?
Gray and Cooper meet new friends and enemies in this final chapter of the trilogy. The story takes the reader from New York City to Ely, Minnesota, and back to Gray and Cooper’s marina in Red Wing, where they will face the ultimate test of their powers. Someone will live… and someone will die.


In the conclusion to his Precog in Peril trilogy, author Theo Fenraven takes us right back to Gray and Cooper's world. Lightning Struck Tower picks right up where Knight of Wands left off.  Was the intentions behind Jolly Roger's abduction of them as benevolent as he made it sound? Roger and his government run PsiOps group are eager for Gray and Cooper to join them, Gray in particular.  They never realized the journey that they would be undertaking, or how much Gray's abilities would be put to the test when McCoullough is determined to collect on their business arrangement. Life and death certainly takes on new meaning. 

I love the new characters that were brought in, specifically Wade. One of the things in particular that I love about this series is the fact that the established couple at no point really has relationship issues. They are a couple dealing with the outside pressures together. I can certainly appreciate that they aren't bickering and fighting each other at every turn, although there are some steamy sex scenes. 

I loved a lot of things about this series. Mr. Fenraven is a very talented author, who succeeded in creating an action-filled, suspenseful series that I look forward to reading again and again. I wholeheartedly recommend this short series. Pick up all three though, because reading just one will leave you wanting more. 

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