Friday, December 21, 2012

There can be Only One.

I've read so many wonderful books this year. EVERY single one of the books on this blog are amazing. Every single one of the authors that I've read (for the most part) this year are amazing writers. I've said it several times this year, but M/M romance probably has hands down some of the best writing across all genres. I've read in the neighborhood (and probably more than) 2000 books this year. So narrowing down the ones published this year and ranking even a top 50 would probably be just about impossible, but I can easily choose my favorite novel. That ONE novel for me that shone above all the rest.

I had the great fortune to happen upon Brandon Shire on twitter. We tweeted back and forth a little, and I found him immensely interesting. I started my review blog On March 7th, 2012, and I already had a few reviews lined up to start. Brandon's book Listening to Dust came out March 10, 2012. Sometime towards the end of March, Brandon emailed me and asked me to review Dust. I had never read Brandon before, so I purchased the Value of Rain before even opening Dust. I read VoR, pretty quickly. Mr. Shire had a distinct voice that was powerful. I read Listening to Dust, and started my review immediately,while I was still trying to see through the tears I was crying. Then I stopped, walked away for a couple of days and came back to the review. To say that this book touched me would be inadequate. It changed me. It made me want to WANT better, Do better, BE better.

Listening to Dust is probably hands down one of  THE best book I've ever read. It's a total bonus that the author is an amazing fellow that I have come to respect and admire VERY much. This self-published author rocked my world. So many readers, and reviewers don't want to take a chance on reading "Indie Authors" but in my experience they are amazingly talented people, and I actually prefer reviewing self-published/small press authors to some of the others.

Thank you very much Brandon for allowing me the honor of reading and reviewing your work. :)

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