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Review: The Red King by Rosemary O'Malley

Title: The Red King
Author: Rosemary O'Malley
Rated: 5/5 Hearts (absolute must read!)

Length: approx 326 pages 


The pirate captain known as Ruaidhri lives only for revenge. Tall and lean, with long fiery hair and a corsair's deadly smile, his body still bears the scars of a brutal captivity at the hands of Maarten Jan de Worrt. Once Ruaidhri was a slave, but now he is the Red King, feared and respected across the high seas. Few know his true name. And fewer still know Ruaidhri will use anyone as a pawn in quest for vengeance - even a beautiful, innocent young man.

Raised in a monastery, the Scottish orphan called Andrew is helpless when pirates slay his guardians and clap him in irons. Ruaidhri offers the virgin lad freedom, but only at a terrible price. Andrew must go to Maarten's bed, seduce and kill him. In Ruaidhri's clutches Andrew will receive the training he needs in the art of violence - and lust.

The Red King is more legend than mortal. He fights tirelessly and knows no fear. But Andrew's very innocence, his open and honest nature, threatens to unlock the man inside the pirate. Ruaidhri can tempt Andrew, teaching him the forbidden pleasures of a man's touch. But not without awakening a side of himself he long ago gave up for dead...

Warning: this is an erotic m/m romance intended for mature audiences. It contains explicit sexual situations, frank language, dubious consent, torture, and non-graphic descriptions of abuse of a minor.


Let me start off by saying.. I don't like historicals almost as a rule, but that's not exactly true. I don't like badly written historicals. I do however love a well-written novel. And come on, who doesn't like pirates, especially good guy sexy red haired pirates? 

I loved this book and all the characters. This author pulled no punches what so ever. She immerses us fully into the complicated and brutal world of Ruaidhri, and she tempts his heart with the sweet, sheltered Andrew. 

Ruaidhri doesn't know much of kindness, as he was brutalized physically, mentally and sexually at his captor's hands. He cannot see past seeking his revenge on the man that took everything from him. He is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone in order to achieve his victory.  When he takes Andrew captive he offers the young man an impossible choice, Andrew could achieve his freedom by offering himself to one of the most sadistic men ever and killing him. Innocent Andrew teaches the Red King of love, while he tries to teach Andrew of the joys of the flesh, and the violence the young man will need to survive.  

I picked this book up by chance. I have no idea what possessed me to purchase it, but I'm so glad that I did. After reading it, I was astounded. She took every high seas stereotype and busted it out of the water. This world was carefully crafted, passionate, brutal. Amazing.

This book is definitely not for the squeamish. As I said before, she pulls no punches and her characters SUFFER for her craft. It does contain rape, and sadism. So if you can't handle that, don't read it. But if you are looking for an amazing adventure that is scorching hot, amazingly tender, and heartbreakingly brutal, pick this up! 

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  1. I read this book a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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