Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Afflicted II By Brandon Shire

Author: Brandon Shire
Rated: 4/5 Stars 


Hunter and Dillon have finally come to terms with the idea that they want more than just hot sex with each other.
But can they make what they found permanent?
Can Dillon let his past go? Or will it intrude upon his present?
Can Hunter open enough to build a future? Can he speak his heart?
Can either of them?


Afflicted II is set just after the end of Afflicted, and continues on with Hunter and Dillon's story. I already fell for the boys in Afflicted, and I did even more so in this sequel. Actually Hunter in love is a much more likeable character, and not such an ass, however I do recognize a lot of the "new love" mindset with both MC's. 

The story is centered on Hunter and Dillon trying to figure out and deal with their family issues, and Dillon's past in general. Dillon is admittedly in love with Hunter, but Hunter isn't sure if he's there yet. Complicating matters and bringing family problems to the forefront is the fact that Hunter's mother is dating Dillon's cousin Travis. With Travis now in the picture it pushes both men's buttons. Surprisingly, I really liked Hunter's mom in this book. I also really liked Maggie, partly because she calls Hunter on his bullshit. 

Mr Shire's talent for weaving a scene is amazing. I particularly love the way he brings us into Hunter's sightless world. Specifically, the love scene with the rain. (that is all I will say about that!)  I had some issues with what certain things in the story were meant to accomplish, however all in all this is a great read. My biggest complaint as always is that it had to end.  I don't like put spoilers in my reviews, so I will forgo pointing out a few of the reasons I loved this book. 

If you've read Afflicted and loved it, you won't be disappointed with this sequel! 

If you follow the Above link (just Click on Brandon's name) it will take you to Brandon's website, where he has links on where you can purchase Afflicted II. 

**Thank you very much to Brandon for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

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