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Meet the Author: Margie Church talks about Krewe Daddy

Margie was nice enough to answer a few questions for me while I was reviewing her latest book, Krewe Daddy. She is absolutely lovely, and I very much enjoyed interacting with her!  --CarrieAnn

What is something you'd like your readers to know? 

First, I'm thankful for their support. This is a very competitive and oftentimes negative business. Hearing from readers is really fun and makes the hard work worthwhile. Secondly, the reason the Minnesota scenes are so authentic in Hard as Teak and Krewe Daddy is because I lived in the area described as Wescott, Minnesota.

We know that Drew is from Hard as Teak, but how did you decide on this story line? Any particular reason that you moved it to New Orleans? 

One of my readers suggested I give Drew his own story. If you read Hard as Teak, you know how badly Drew wanted out of Minnesota (so did Teak). He also had an outdoors lifestyle and interest. While I was thinking about what I could do with Drew, I was working on a story in New Orleans for a large construction firm. (I freelance magazine features.) One of the construction lawyers I interviewed happens to be the Krewe Captain of the Tucks. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, Paul and I were discussing how floats are built and parade issues in New Orleans. Luis became the float designer for the Flamin' Dames Krewe. I also really enjoy suspense novels, so Krewe Daddy was a chance to get back to writing one of those.

Are there going to be any further stories with the Hard as Teak and Krewe Daddy characters? 
I don't know! I hadn't expected Krewe Daddy to be a direct sequel. I loved the crossdressers - Ronnie and Sapphire. And Blair is left out there waiting for love to find him. He's probably the only character that I feel a strong affinity toward exploring. I have at least two short stories and a novel ahead of me so if I write a third book in this series, it won't be until the fall. I'm open to suggestions!

I would TOTALLY love to see Blake get his own story. But I liked Ronnie and Sapphire as well! 

How did you get into writing M/M romance? 

Like every other subgenre I've written, I thought I'd take a shot at it. It's less forgiving than other subgenres I've written in because it's so very popular. I ended up taking one male POV writing class, joining several online gay communities, getting gay beta readers, and learning a lot about how gay men live, think, love, speak, and make love. I've been criticized by gay men and I've been praised by them for how I've portrayed gay men in my books. I will add that if you write in a very popular genre, be prepared for a roller coaster ride of reviews and commentary. I've gotten over 100 reviews for Hard as Teak. I hope readers will embrace Krewe Daddy just as tightly.

What is your favorite character written to date and why? 

Probably Ladislav Husek. He's the leader of the Vampire Nation in my Love Bites/Dangerous Love series. This evil vamp is the poster boy for psychos. He's manipulative, insanely jealous, hateful, cruel, and he has a huge soft spot for a leather-wearing shapeshifter named Dirk. This vampire visited my dreams. I could hear the tone of his voice. His breath sounds. Knew the shape of his body - his muscle tone. He totally creeped me out and I loved - adored - writing him.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

I'm finishing a m/m story entitled Executive Decision, for Decadent's 1 Night Stand series. I'm also co-authoring this very exciting, very erotic BDSM novel, entitled RAZOR. The first portion of Razor is in an anthology called Bound For Love - Ties that Bind. If you are a student of kink and a lover of the lifestyle, this collection would interest you. We hope to have Razor on the market this summer through Sizzler Editions.

I love meeting new people!

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Thank You Margie!
You are so very welcome. I hope you'll subscribe to my blog and keep up with me. It's always wonderful to make a friend out of a fan!


  1. KD rocks. I know most of the hot males are based on me, so you are welcome Margie! KD is a great story with soo many wonderful elements.

    1. KB...if I didn't love you so much, I'd sign you up for back-alley attitude adjustment classes. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

  2. CarrieAnn, thank you for asking me to stop in and for making my post look so nice! Ronnie and Sapphire were a HOOT! I don't know if I could come up with an entire novel about them. But Blaire is a character I liked. I could hook up Ronnie with Nurse Nate! LOL too funny. One day I'll write a comedic romance, too. I'd love to come back when you finish with Hard as Teak. Thank you again for the great review of Krewe Daddy.

    1. lol, I have to graphic design everything, glad you liked it! I loved Hard as Teak. I read it when it first came out. Thank you so much Margie, for letting me use you as my guinea pig!


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